The diamond sea Part 1

There are some memories that are so vivid, so real to us, that they seem to be etched in stone. When we call them to mind, it is almost as if we are reliving those moments. A few such times in my life stand out. One of them I’ll relate to you here, to give you a living example. Such memories, if we close our eyes and tune in to all our senses, provide a wealth of sensory detail.

I remember that night the sky was so cleared and the moon lighted the sea. Somehow the big ship seemed to be so small boat during the sea storms,  i sat closed to old woman inside the ship full of refuges who escaped from the civil war in Somalia. that night the  sea shone like marine diamond the cold breeze made me fall sleep so early before i eat my dry dough that was Stowed for days for moment i felt peaceful and everything will be alright and we all gone go back to our sweet home.  But something inside me spoke to me like sense conscious felt like i was roofed with destructive appeals that made me jumped from my place and search for my mother in the other side just to feel secure and i did. The evening went smoothly and i was safe till the ship heated into stone and the water started to rush in swiftly.


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