Would we be staying in this world for so long, that can’t be measured by time or years. It’s length could be so extended in space & enduring. Endless time that everything you knew becomes valued equally as your entire life. By: Sofey Advertisements

My mother 💜💜💜

Don’t  put all your eggs in one basket, says my expert mother as she sat relaxed. Don’t  trust man no matter how sweet and kind soften spoker he is. They are all same and inside them same evil seed grows. So wise she is, so content and full of confidence she’s. I can’t wait to […]

The diamond sea Part 1

There are some memories that are so vivid, so real to us, that they seem to be etched in stone. When we call them to mind, it is almost as if we are reliving those moments. A few such times in my life stand out. One of them I’ll relate to you here, to give […]

Despite it

Do I have the right to  get angry, sad, depressive despite my heart willing and needs. Yet I am found  of poetry my potential rym is poor like rumours in foggy day that disappeares in air showing my disability and  my heart can see my ability to perform and to write more than  expectations and […]


Don’t judge My heart is being charged By beautiful feature At your rage wild moment I can stay still Watching Your face expression Getting the adrenaline Strom, volcano, Katherine Name all the furious Nature name They stand out for feminine Who’s  feminist And I Really don’t know to whom Shall I turn up to Heaven […]